York Town Square

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Speeding York, Pa., trolley cars drew criticism

Nostalgia about York’s trolleys might obscure memories about their dangers.
Two incidents in Dallastown in 1902, taken here from “Never to be Forgotten,” give a glimpse into life along the far-flung lines:

Nasty trolley accidents in consecutive months cause Dallastown residents to seek redress against motormen.
In the first accident, York fairgoers hanging on the side of an overcrowded car strike an empty car at a switch injuring three young men — Westley Blouse, Fred Koons and a Mr. Keesey. An upset basket of vegetables reportedly starts a chain reaction that causes the accident.
One month later, a trolley scares a horse drawing a wagon. The trolley catches the horse’s feet, and the horse ends up partially under the car. The trolley company offers George T. Shaull, the horse’s owner, $5, but he declines.
Townspeople, upset with the speed of the trolleys, claim the electric-powered vehicles regularly exceed the 7 mph speed limit.

For more on York County trolleys, see photographer Paul Kuehnel’s video.