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Soy now part of printing ink recipe

Newspaper editors receive all kinds of questions from readers.
Here was one that required me to seek help:
Do we use soy-based ink in the York Daily Record/Sunday News?
The reader posed that question before making seed-starting pots from recycled newspaper. Her concern was the toxicity of petroleum-based inks.

Tom Norton, our veep of operations, gave the reader the following information:
“To answer your question, yes, all of our color inks are soy based. Our black ink is a low rub ink that is petroleum based with resins in it to give it the low rub characteristics. In its ’raw’ state, all ink is non-hazardous. It has been many, many years ago that there were any type of perceived toxic compounds in the ’recipe’ of making ink. You should have no problem with your seed starting pots.”