York Town Square

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Will Sovereign Bank of York stadium name fame lose its crown?

Sovereign Bank Stadium rises from “the Swamp” in May 2007. That’s the former York railroad station in the foreground and Small Field at top. Background posts: Film weaves threads of York, baseball, stadium and neighborhood change, POW Camp Security site: ‘There’s a lot of history waiting to be discovered’ and Small Field missed a shining moment but could again claim a ray of York County’s spotlight.

Writers, including this one, have noted the irony of a baseball team named Revolution playing in a ballpark Sovereign Bank Stadium that touts a monarchy. Such a stadium name in York, proud of its role in aiding and abetting American revolutionaries, adds to the fun.
And one could argue, perhaps loosely, that patriots fought the Revolution to prevent Britain’s imposition of eminent domain on the Colonies. Sovereign Bank Stadium backers used eminent domain to secure land for the ballpark… .

This is the scene from Sovereign Bank Stadium, looking southwest. The Brooks Robinson statue is seen in the plaza, foreground.
Now comes the Spanish company Banco Santander to purchase Sovereign Bank, leading to speculation about a stadium name change.
Actually, Spanish ownership of Sovereign Bank works for York.
When Continental Congress met here in 1777-78, delegates ratified treaties with France.
Many people know that alliance with France helped win the war.
But Spain later joined in, too, backing the revolutionaries against arch-enemy Britain.
Banco Santander Stadium, anyone?
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