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Southern York County tunnels: An over-the-handlebars look


A recent VeloPhoto York blog post, telling about a 52-mile bike trip on and around the Heritage Rail Trail County Park, is headlined ‘3 Tunnels, 2 Firetrucks.’ York countian Rick Ramage covers the Howard Tunnel, which many people know about, above. Then he comes across two other ‘tunnels’ farther south that some rail trail riders might overlook – because they ride atop the tubes. These tunnels amount to wide railroad overpasses. By the way, the land above Howard Tunnel is owned by Kinsley Construction’s Bob Kinsley. Kinsley noted that interesting fact at a York County Heritage Trust event this week.  Also of interest: Seven Valleys – From rail to rail trail.

Check out two additional ‘tunnel’ photos below. Actually, make that three … .



Rick Ramage: ‘Soon the trail will be covered in leaves. After getting back on the road Rt 616 South, a few miles north of Glen Rock I encountered the 2nd tunnel… .’



‘And shortly thereafter, yet another.’



Those two fire trucks? They responded to a reported natural gas leak.

Final comment from Rick Ramage: ‘Total riding today was 52 miles, including a detour to the local Starbucks.’

Plus 1 more railroad tunnel, courtesy of the York Daily Record … .

"Looking south through an abandoned railroad tunnel beneath Interstate 83 about 1200 feet south of the Mount Rose interchange Tuesday February 3, 2015. A construction worker told me this will eventually be filled in after construction is done. Paul Kuehnel - Daily Record/Sunday News"

A couple of miles off the rail trail is yet another overpass taking a right-of-way – Interstate 83 – over the former Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad bed. We include that here just in case you never saw this hard-to-view scene near the Mount Rose Avenue interchange, now under construction. 

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