York Town Square

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Sol and Brooks lead long York County sports parade

King Solomon “Sol” White, a former minor leaguer who played in York, has scored a place in the baseball Hall of Fame. http://www.ydr.com/search/ci_3557882
This second baseman’s connection with York was little known here prior to the Hall of Fame’s calling.
York County’s sports history is a fertile ground for further research and writing. Former Major League baseball player Jim Spencer’s from here. So is Greg Gross. Woody Bennett. Scott Fitzkee. Brooks Robinson started his minor league career here. And now Sol White.
Here’s the piece I wrote on the Monarchs for “Never to be Forgotten.”

When we were Monarchs
York fields a minor league baseball squad composed largely of the Cuban Giants, an early all-black professional team. J. Monroe Kreiter brings the York Monarchs to town. The team and community seem to have a close relationship. When the first-place team returns to town after a road trip, about 2,000 fans greet the players at the train station. The Spring Garden Band leads the team in a parade that ends at Centre Square. “Let the boys keep up the good work, and they will have friends in York who will not let them go begging,” a newspaper said. As the season progresses, Kreiter decides to move the team to Harrisburg. “We will play under the name of the Colored Monarchs … from the historic town of York,” he said.