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Skinny dipping in York, Pa., for Web readers?

“It was Teen Takeover staff versus the middle-aged blogger they secretly call Jimmy Mac.
“Somehow, I – that is, Jimmy Mac – was volunteered into a contest over whether I could “out blog” our entire Teen Takeover staff.”
That’s how my York Sunday News column Skinny-dipping for readers started describing a blogging contest vs. the entire 25-member – yes, 25- member – teen staff in October.
Could history/journalism ever win out against the unfettered wit from uncluttered young minds?

You can go to the teen blog post The Story of the Golden Mustache for results. (The golden mustache must relate to what’s under my nose, but I appreciate that the award did not to mention the gray streaks.)
Let me just say two things here.
First, the teens and their 11,000-plus October page views help show that the Web is a great leveler. Now, those with supposedly small voices can make their views known as loudly as those with bullhorns. That’s good for democracy.
Secondly, thanks to all you who have been visiting this blog in ever-increasing numbers, many for the full two years I’ve been posting and viewing the 650-plus posts on here.
All I can say is that Jimmy Mac will keep coming back … with more posts.
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