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‘Shuttle Stories’ show that York County, indeed, is the center of the universe

In a photo taken at Kennedy Space Center, Codorous Townshp’s Mike Wright of Codorus Township is seen with his son, Alex, along with scientific instruments and student experiments that were later launched aboard the shuttle Columbia for its final flight in 2003. Mike Wright is an integration and test manager for Goddard Space Flight Center and one of many York County, Pa., links to the Shuttle. Learn about Mike and Alex’s stories and more at ‘Shuttle Stories.’ (See video of a William Penn Senior High School link to Shuttle below.) Also of interest: William Penn Senior High School Hall of Fame honors a host of York County achievers and In 1969, men walked on moon and race riot victims wheeled into York emergency room and Eyes on Sputnik in York, Pa., in 1958.

York Countians are everywhere.
They’re everywhere.
Consider the Shuttle program, as an example, that all roads lead to York.
The York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News developed the “mashup” project “Shuttle Stories” that tells about York County educators, scientists, students, hobbyists who have touched the Shuttle program, now in its last flight.
More than 40 of them.
Here’s a sampling:

— Former NASA network operations manager Tom Janoski of Hanover, who talks about the first shuttle launch in 1981.
— Former NASA electrical engineer Terry Henry of Lower Windsor Township, who recalls the day Challenger exploded.
— Ham radio operator Randy Shriver of Hanover, who has contacted shuttle astronauts in space many times.
— York County Astronomical Society member Greg Markowski, who gives his thoughts on the end of the program.
As I said, York countian pop up everywhere.
In fact, June Lloyd has devoted a blog to that phenomenon: Universal York.
Make sure you spend time with “Shuttle Stories.” (It starts off with a neat animation.)
And here’s another example that all roads lead to York County.
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