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Part II: ‘Shuttle Stories’ show that York County, indeed, is the center of the universe

The York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News developed the Web and print project ‘Shuttle Stories’ that tells about York County educators, scientists, students, hobbyists who have touched the Shuttle program. The last Shuttle flight landed this morning.Also of interest: Part I: ‘Shuttle Stories’ show that York County, indeed, is the center of the universe and William Penn Senior High School Hall of Fame honors a host of York County achievers and In 1969, men walked on moon and race riot victims wheeled into York emergency room and Eyes on Sputnik in York, Pa., in 1958.

The last shuttle flight ended today.
As part of its massive ‘Shuttle Stories’ package about local ties to the shuttle program, the York Daily Record/Sunday News and ydr.com provided more than 40 York County ties to the Shuttle and helpfully provided a glimpse of what was going on at the time of the first launch in 1981: … .

– Six Australians, sponsored by the Rotary Club of York, were scheduled to visit sites in York and Hanover.
– The North York Crab Hut, at 1413 N. George St., and a home next door had just burned, and fire officials were investigating.
– Smith Village advertised a sofa bed (seat 3 – sleep 2) for $116 to $198 and a Poulan chain saw for $147.
– Baby Dondi, billed as “York Mall’s Easter Elephant,” was scheduled to put on its “comedy act” three shows daily over the next five days.
– York County Extension Service was putting on a seminar for farmers about “small, personal computers.” An organizer said these computers were “a far cry from the old computers, which took up a whole room and required a crew of white-coated technicians to operate.”
– Dallastown and York Township residents were invited to a town meeting about the proposed new Rescue Fire Co. Fire Station “… the site and any other aspects of the project which might need discussion or clarification.”
– Met-Ed ran a full-page ad titled, “What Met-Ed’s Rate Increase Means To You …” and noting that the increase was based on inflation and higher operating costs, not the TMI accident cleanup.
– The Daily Record’s opinion page carried a nine-paragraph editorial headlined, “Back in the space race.” It read in part:

“We know the Soviet Union’s satellites are photographing our missile bases and cities for God knows what secretive reasons, but now, at least, our own Columbia is shuffling silently through endless blackness, putting us back in the space race.”

It described a canasta game in Red Lion during which a woman, tired of a radio announcer’s constant updates on the shuttle mission status, railed about the money spent and the uselessness of being in space.
The editorial disagreed, citing satellite communications:

“She sees no direct benefit, she thinks, of all those billions of dollars, those thousands of gallons of expensive fuel, the time and toll of talent and sweat, the long and arduous preparations, even the lost lives. But there is incalculable value, far bigger than a price tag. It is the future.”

Tom Janoski of Hanover talks about the first shuttle launch in 1981. He is a former NASA network operations manager. See more videos at: Shuttle Stories.
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*Photo, video courtesy of York Daily Record/Sunday News.