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Part II: Shady Del Knight in worldwide search of honorary Shady Dell rats linked to old York, Pa., teen hangout

Nancy Sieling, one of John Ettline’s nieces, provided this 1950s Shady Dell restaurant menu to Tom Anderson, who operates a website on the old Spring Garden Township hangout. (See pricing of food and Shady Dell renovation photos below.) Also of interest: Part I: Shady Del Knight in worldwide search of honorary Shady Dell rats linked to old York, Pa., teen hangout and York’s Shady Dell for sale: ‘People don’t like to see their past vanish’ and York-area full of memory-spawning landmarks and Interstate lined out Melvin’s swan song.

Former York County resident and Shady Dell aficionado Tom Anderson’s name or picture does not appear on his popular website devoted to the longtime Violet Hill teen hangout that closed in the early 1990s.
That’s going to change, as Tom related in a recent email:

The Dell is undergoing renovations under its current owners, the Deroche family. Here’s before …

In the two-and-a-half years since I started Shady Dell Music & Memories I have never divulged my real name on the site, nor have I ever posted my real picture. I chose to avoid the limelight because I wanted the blog to be about the Dell, the Ettlines and the music rather than about me. I created my Shady Del Knight character to serve as master of ceremonies because I envisioned him as the personification of all Dell rats past and present, their representative and spokesman. In spite of my determination to remain anonymous, readers and friends have repeatedly urged me to reveal my name and display personal photos. After advising them many times to be careful what they wish for, I have reluctantly agreed to out myself in the final post of 2010. It will be the only time that I will ever use my actual name or show my photos. Those who insist on seeing the real me (then and now) can satisfy their curiosity on December 28th when this exciting year culminates in The Unmasking of Shady Dell Knight!

Here’s one thing that fans of The Dell should be careful to wish for. That Tom Anderson, or the Shady Dell Knight, keeps his Shady Dell Music & Memories website spinning for a long time.

Here’s after….
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Here’s what things cost at the Shady Dell in the 1950s.
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