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Memories mounting about York-area teen hangout Shady Dell, Part II

This rare photograph shows teens dancing at the Shady Dell in the early 1960s. The photo comes from the two-year-old website: Shady Dell Music & Memories. (See another dance photo below, plus a current shot of the Dell undergoing renovation.) Also of interest: Part I: Memories mounting about old York-area teen hangout Shady Dell and York’s Shady Dell for sale: ‘People don’t like to see their past vanish’ and Memories about ‘The Oaks’ pile up – Part II and About Avalong Dairy and Melvin’s Drive-In: ‘I am some what familiar with the history of the area’

Former Shady Dell rats continue to come forward and use Shady Dell Music & Memories as a forum to reminisce about their Dell experiences.
Tom Anderson, who runs the two-year-old blogsite dedicated to the longtime Spring Garden Township teen hangout, e-mailed:

“One of them, Lynn B., recently shocked me and my readers with one of the most significant finds in Dell history. Lynn made available a pair of photographs that might be the only ones of their kind in existence. The pictures, taken in 1961, show Lynn and her friends mixing, mingling and dancing in the Dell’s barn dance hall!”

Another rare photo from The Dell, which closed in the 1990s.
With the notation that “Lynn B. Has Fond Memories of Violet Hill Country Club!,” comes the quote: “I was never allowed to go there and spent every Friday and Saturday there!”
Read more at Shady Dell Music & Memories.

Tom Anderson provided this update on the complex formerly known as The Dell:
“Renovation work began in the spring when the Dell got a new roof and new porches and the property was graded and cleared of unwanted trees. The extreme makeover is transforming the look of the Dell inside and out. Photographs provided by the Deroche family, the current owners, have been documenting the Dell’s metamorphosis every step of the way.”

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