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Memories mounting about old York-area teen hangout Shady Dell, Part I

This photo is featured on the website “Shady Dell Music & Memories” operated by Shady Dell Knight Tom Anderson. The site is celebrating its second anniversary this month. The privately owned property that formerly housed the southside teen hangout is along Starcross Road in Spring Garden Township. Also of interest: York’s Shady Dell for sale: ‘People don’t like to see their past vanish’ and York-area full of memory-spawning landmarks and Interstate lined out Melvin’s swan song.

Tom Anderson, who operates a website bearing deep memories of the former hangout the Shady Dell, e-mailed with an update.
Here are excerpts:

Over the last 24 months I have posted nearly 200 articles about the legendary York County hangout, its owners John and Helen Ettline, the music that played there, and the young people who went there.
Former Dell rats continue to come forward and use Shady Dell Music & Memories as a forum to reminisce about their Dell experiences.
As Shady Dell Music and Memories celebrates its second anniversary this month I am saluting three of Central Pennsylvania’s most popular music acts, The Emperors, The Magnificent Men, and The Pixies Three! I will also be publishing another exclusive set of rare and historic Dell photographs!
More surprises are in store in the months to come including the long awaited Unmasking of Shady Del Knight which will take place at year’s end!

Here’s a question: Wonder why no one is operating such a site for White Oak Park, its north-side counterpart?
The Oaks had a grand reunion a couple of years ago, but no active site of the caliber of Shady Dell Music and Memories.
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