York Town Square

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Of York, Pa.’s often-obscure gargoyles: ‘You just never know when you’re being watched’

The lion, positioned on spouting, is guarding the former former William C. Goodridge house on York, Pa.’s, East Philadelphia Street. But it missed the encroachment of groundwater that destroyed some of the renovated work on the building, which will become an Underground Railroad museum. Renowned architect Reinhardt Dempwolf also lived in the house. Also of interest: Facelift saves Noss House from its spot atop York’s most-endangered list and The Four YorkBloggers write and Author: ‘York’s streetscape features almost every style and era of American architecture’.

Yorkblogger Scott D. Butcher is more than an architectural historian. He’s also deft with the camera, capturing architectural features in the York area.
For a bit more, check out his Windows into York blog post: Lions and Gargoyles and Bears, Oh My!… .

“When I give walking tours of the downtown, I like to say that you just never know when you’re being watched,” Scott wrote.


063010-sub-court-house-lion.jpgThis lion guards the front of the old York County Courthouse, now the administrative center. For more about such architectural design and another photo: Frowning lion.

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