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Giving York news, sports junkies their due, Part II


A two-story-high scoreboard posted on The Gazette and Daily’s East King Street building kept sports fans and news junkies up to date on sports and news happenings in the days before radio and TV. One story suggests the scoreboard was recycled as scrap during World War II.

In this day in which CNN can instantaneously project Barack Obama’s presidential victory to the world, it’s easy to forget another day in which results dribbled in.
The York Town Square post Giving news, sports junkies their due outlines how 100 years ago, a light atop a York building told of a presidential victory. That was the best form of mass communication… .

And a posting on the front of the Gazette and Daily East King Street building showed political and sports results.
And election results were projected on a screen draped on a building across the street.
And that was only 60 years ago.
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