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Scenic Hanover Junction: ‘Awesome horse and rider sculpture … on the Rail Trail’

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Dover’s Teanna Byerts grabbed this scene along the York County Heritage Rail Trail in Hanover Junction. She writes this about the sculpture: ‘Awesome horse and rider sculpture at Hanover Junction on the Rail Trail. It’s made of recycled “junk.”‘ Indeed, in 1863, Confederate horses and riders swarmed Hanover Junction. Today, you can see horses and riders on or along the rail trail. But the scene below, another Teanna Byerts submission to the YDR’s Your Photos gallery site, shows another form of transportation along the rail trail … . Also of interest: Did Abe Lincoln see this Hanover Junction clock?


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How about on a conveyance pulled by dogs? ‘Legolas and Denali head south from Hanover Junction on the Rail Trail. Dogs love to run, and one dog and a kicksled or cross country skis is a great way to enjoy winter,’ Teanna wrote.

Other neat stuff from all over … .
York County-made furniture, found in homes all over the world, remains a topic of interest.

Sandy Lister emailed this query recently:

“I have a desk that is a least 70 years old. On the back of the desk is
York, Pennsylvania Furniture Company.’ It also has “Lot # 379,
Style # 588 or S88″ Not sure if that is a “5” or a “S.” There is
also a tag that says “H. Grockin” and the initials H. GRO carved in
the desk.

“I would like to find out how old this desk is and perhaps it’s value.”

I shared with Sandy this resource:

“One time, I found a user group for Pennsylvania Furniture online but couldn’t locate in a Google search just now. You might try and see if you can turn anything up. I did turn up this site that you might query.

If you can help Sandy with resources about furniture made by West York’s Pennsylvania Furniture, comment below or email her.

I would add that the York County Heritage Trust has a helpful file on Pennsylvania Furniture, a major player in York County in its heyday of furniture making about 100 years ago.


Discovering Lititz: If you haven’t been to this Lancaster County town, it’s a place to discover.


York resident Roy Flinchbaugh wrote to York Sunday News columnist Gordon Freireich, who compiled books in which the county is referenced.

“Thanks for a good column on York in literature.  May I add Dickens”American Notes,’ where he writes of stopping in York on the way by stagecoach from Baltimore to Harrisburg; and H. L. Mencken’s ‘A Girl from Red Lion PA,’ which mentions York’s neighbor, Red Lion?”


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