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One-room school teachers of yore given limited time to court

Teachers in one-room schools in the 1870s had tall orders inside and outside of their classroom. Background posts: Interesting Web site dedicated to country schools, Can you identify this mystery school, believed to be in York County? and Two tales of four schools teach about change in York County education.

Bob Weaver has done a lot of research on York/Adams one-room schools, those ubiquitous boxy buildings that dotted this region’s countryside before World War II.
And somewhere the East Berlin-area history enthusiast dug up a list of teacher expectations from 1872.
The list is so demanding – and intrusive – that I’ve often wondered if it might be a spoof.
For example, getting shaved in a barber shop could bring frowns from school directors?… .

Anyway, there’s reason to believe that this is authentic, so here’s an artifact that moves along discourse on one-room school education, a way of life that continues to fascinate thousands in York/Adams.
For a Web section on one-room school memories, see: http://www.ydr.com/schoolhouses.