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Does anyone have information on Rosedale farm in York County?

Locating information on the old Rosedale Mill near Railroad borough was relatively easy.
But a request from Linda Mier (linda.mier@patni.com) for information on a farm called “Rosedale” in York is more elusive to hunt down.
Linda e-mailed that the Freeland family owned the farm in the 1930s-1940s through the early 1950s.
Vincent (Vinny) Freeland, who used to live at Rosedale and is currently ill, is a good friend of Linda’s sister.
“My sister is trying to find a picture of the farm, his family, or both to give to him as a surprise,” Linda wrote.
Linda, who works in New Jersey, provided more information on Vinny and Rosedale: …

“The farm was in York, his parent’s first names were Rose and Dale (hence the name “Rosedale” for the farm), but we don’t know if they ever hung a sign with the farm’s name on it. He had a number of siblings, but we’re not sure how many or what their names were.”

A search of York County Heritage Trust and York Daily Record/Sunday News files unfortunately did not turn up information on a farm named Rosedale.
Maybe York Town Square readers can help.
If so, please comment below or contact Linda directly.

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