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About Delta, Pa., VFW post’s name: ‘The story of John S. Murphy is representative of the cost’

Mari Morgan, left, who grew up in Wales, listens to Don Robinson talk about the interior of a Welsh quarrymen’s cottage in Coulsontown, Peach Bottom Township in this York Daily Record/Sunday News files photo from 2007. The cottages, built around 1850 by Welsh quarry workers, have never had plumbing. Coulsontown, a street of such cottages, is featured in the expanded part of the recently released second edition of “The River and the Ridge,” a book about the historic southeastern corner of York County. Also of interest: Wanted: One slate-roofed privy from Delta, Pa. and 100 years later, Delta clock keeps on ticking and Gettysburg fighting heard in Delta, about 60 miles away.

John S. Murphy, as the old story goes, lived a normal childhood, growing up in Delta, serving in the Boy Scouts and participating in sports.
When World War II came, Murphy was drafted and became a B-17 navigator, stationed in England. From there, his plane flew missions over Europe.
Less than a month before the war in Europe ended, his bomber was shot down.
The nine-member crew safely parachuted safely, but German troops captured Murph and three of his crewmates… .

He was never seen again.
Post-war investigations could not discover what happened to Murphy and his comrades.
“The story of John S. Murphy is representative of the cost that our nation and our area have borne to defend our freedoms,” “The River and the Ridge” states. “The life of a very fine man, filled with promised and potential, was snuffed out forever.”
The John S. Murphy VFW Post in Delta is named after Murph.
That story comes from the first edition of “The River and The Ridge, 300 Years of Local History,” by Roger B. Wilson, Donald C. Robinson, James L. Morris, David B. Glenn.
The authors have put forth a second edition of the $40 book about Delta, Peach Bottom Township and neighboring Cardiff and Whiteford, Md. It includes a new chapter with more photos and details on the Welsh Cottages at Coulsontown.
Copies are sold at Whiteford Business Center, Star Printing Company, ReConnect Café and Delta Pizza.
To order, make check or money order payable to Old Line Museum and mail to the same at P.O. Box 35, Delta 17314. Add $5 for shipping and handling. Pennsylvania residents must also include $2.40 sales tax.

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