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‘Revitalizing Hanover, Pa.’: Covering every angle of the town’s square

This was Hanover, Pa.’s square in 1963 as the borough observed the 100th anniversary of the battles of Hanover and Gettysburg. ‘The former Bon-Ton building sits in the background,’ a caption from the Evening Sun in Hanover says about this Hanover Area Historical Society photo. ‘In the 1970s, a metal casing replaced the building’s facade for what many at the time said was urban beautification. The building is now the Square Commercial Center and houses several separate businesses.’ This picture is part of a special Evening Sun project exploring Hanover and Hanover’s Center Square via three time zones – past, present and future. Also of interest: Hanover ranks at York County’s oldest borough.

‘Revitalizing Hanover,’ a special Evening Sun project focusing on Hanover’s Square, launched this week. It time travels to cover every angle of Hanover’s Center Square.

‘The Evening Sun staff has examined the past, present and future of Hanover’s heart — its Center Square,’ the project’s lead-in states. ‘The square, like in many small towns, has undergone a series of changes since its bustle decades ago. Some area residents long for a return of that past. Others know that’s impossible, but a successful revitalization is not.’

Please spend some time with the project about this southwestern York County town, incorporated in 1815 and primed to observe its 200th anniversary next year.

I did, and here are 7 highlights:

1. The past: Memories of the past from two veteran Hanoverians:


2. The present. How many downtowns have a men’s clothing store in operation? Hanover does. And a shoestore, too. Clarks.

3. The future: The old Montgomery Ward store is being renovated to serve as an eatery and other uses.


4. People make a town and these are the Faces of Hanovers, starting with Treva Hoke, 103.

"Treva Hoke, Columbia Cottage"


5. The Evening Sun is part of Hanover’s past, present and future, getting new digs on the square:


6. A timely question to ponder …


7. Yes, it does. The old theater and all of Hanover … .


Also of interest:

That ‘Revitalizing Hanover’ address again.

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