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Trivia quiz: Test your U.S. presidential smarts quiz

These images linked to the 1988 presidential campaign were among the first – or were perhaps the first – photographs to appear on the front page of the The York Dispatch since Theodore Roosevelt’s visit in 1906. Such trivia involving our presidents continue to fascinate. Background posts: Washington Township, Jefferson Borough, Madison Avenue. How about an Obama Street in York County? and Vets at Gettysburg’s 75th: ‘Some wore their military caps and medals on their tunics’ and York-based historian shakes hands with 8 U.S. presidents.
A. Who was the second man to ascend to the presidency without being elected?
B. Who was the first president to have been divorced?
C. Which president served under Rutherford B. Hayes in the Civil War?
These are a few of the questions that are part of our “Test Your Presidential Smarts” quiz… .

Some of the anwers also give local links, mined from This working list details presidential visits to York and Adams counties.
So take the quiz, and see how you do. Enjoy the local ties.
Oh yes, the answer to a, b, and c above: Millard Fillmore, Ronald Reagan and William McKinley.