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York/Adams family heirlooms: ‘It’s very easy to ruin what you’re trying to preserve’

Gettysburg (Pa.) conservator Maria Pukownik restores a document for the Spring Grove Area Historical and Preservation Society. (See additional Smart magazine photo below.) Background posts: Bottle & jug enthusiasts must dig for their York County gold, Springetts collector attracts ‘Antiques Roadshow’s’ Kenos and Flag expert: ‘I was interested in my nation’s heritage’.

York County and its region are famous for valuable antiques.
Sometimes, owners ponder the preservation, conservation or restoration of newspapers, documents, clothing and other such artifacts.
The current issue of Smart magazine, a glossy publication of the York Daily Record/Sunday News, gives tips about such conservation and information about those who practice that craft for a living.
The best advice:

When in doubt, don’t go it alone.
The bottom line is that it’s very easy to ruin what you’re trying to preserve. If it’s irreplaceable, consider contacting a specialist.

To find out more about preserving family heirlooms, visit: Handle with Care/Preserving the past for the future.

Maria Pukownik is also restoring this Scottish coat of arms.