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Can anyone explain the turkey in the card?: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff: Dec. 29, 2010

York countian Jo Ott picked up two post cards at an auction in the past year or so. ‘I’ve never seen anything like these two and cannot understand the reason for the animals on the cards,’ she wrote. ‘Each one is metal and permanently affixed to the card. They can be removed only by destroying the cards.’ Note on the kiosk on the left side. A tree appears to be standing inside it. Ott noted the roof of the kiosk looks very similar to the kiosk that stands on York’s Continental Square. Also of interest: Trolley ran both ways between Manchester and Mount Wolf and ‘Teapot Dome’ back in York’s Continental Square: ‘It’s the historical significance of it’ and Trolleys helped make York’s Avenues sought-after locale.

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Terry Loucks emceed the 300th Loucks family reunion earlier this year.
Because I spoke at that reunion and was made an “honorary” member of the family, I received Terry’s holiday greetings to family members.
Here’s an excerpt from his letter: “…

“I spent countless hours preparing for the role – even growing a white beard to look like a 1910 Loucks ancestor. The reunion was an outstanding success and a thrill of a lifetime – especially for a history/genealogy buff like myself. Just walking down Loucks Road in York, Pa., made me feel extremely proud of my heritage… . In the end, it was well worth it, both for me and for the over 100 Loucks’ ‘Kissing Cousins’ that showed up for the event. For more details, see this web site: http://www.freewebs.com/300th/

How did Violet Hill get its name? That question came up this week in the York Daily Record/Sunday News newsroom. Neither Prowell nor the Gazetteer of York and Adams Counties helped. I vaguely remember a conversation with a Violet Hill resident who indicated colorful violets grew on the hillside there. But as usual when stumped, which is usual, I directly the query to York County Heritage Trust archivist Lila Fourhman-Shaull.
How did the compressed air powered steam whistle concert go? Whistlemaster Don Ryan gave it two thumbs up, saying the sound was not as eerie as that produced by steam. But it was clearer, folks living, say, in Red Lion could make out the notes of the Christmas carols he played at the New York Wire company in the eastern part of York City.
Forum of the day: Regular contributors on The Exchange, York’s oldest operating community bulletin board, met at the food court at the Galleria this morning. Check in on this group.
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This is the second post card with an animal affixed to it supplied by Jo Ott. Can anyone explain the presence of the animals? ‘Neither post card was ever used and there is no date on either one,’ Jo wrote. This shows the Western Maryland Railroad depot in York.