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Combination known for this York Safe & Lock strongbox

An owner of a vintage strongbox from York Safe & Lock is seeking information about it.
One note about this particular safe made by the venerable and now-defunct York County manufacturer that differentiates it from those owned by several others who have made queries to this blog: the owner has the combination to open this safe.
If you can help, e-mail the inquirer directly or comment below:
I am trying to obtain historical information about a vintage York safe which
I have had for many years. Only recently have I studied it carefully and
decided to try to find out more about its history and value.
This safe is in mint condition, measuring 21″ in depth, 22″ in width, and
32″ in height… .

It contains three locking drawers and one small locking
“mini-safe” for which I have the original keys. There also is a small open
compartment under the drawers, and one larger shelf on the upper right side.
I also have the combination, which works perfectly.
Of particular interest is the lettering inside the door of the safe.
First there is the “York Safe & Lock Company” logo, of
course, in lovely green and gold lettering, but then what also intrigued me
was the beautiful inscription across the lower part of the door, ~ “Panama
Pacific International Exposition 1915, Highest Honor Grand Prize.”
I had never really paid much attention to it before, but it struck me as
significant. I would guess that this feature of the safe would increase the
value, however I really do not know for sure.
I would appreciate any information or suggestions about the history and/or
value of this safe. Contact: meggie@atlanticbb.net.
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