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Donations help to repair damaged Gettysburg statues

Remember those three Gettysburg monuments attacked by vandals about a year ago?
About $39,000 has been donated thus far to repair them.
Gettysburg National Park officials have updated the monument refurbishings:

— The 14th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry monument’s repairs are finished.
— $16,000 is needed for the repairs to the 11th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry monument.
— $5,600 is needed for the 4th New York Independent Artillery Battery monument.
The park will fix the statues whehther or not donations come in, a park official said.
Sounds like even more donations are needed, however.
More vandalism has been reported, according to a York Sunday News story.
This time, it’s the 155th Pennsylvania monument on Little Round Top.
The granite soldier’s hand and the top of his musket had been missing for years. The parts were repaired in 2005.
Recently, a visitor reported that the top of the musket had once again broken off.