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In 1974, Congressman Goodling replaced Congressman Goodling

George A. Goodling (right) congratulates his son, Bill Goodling, York County’s new congressman in 1974. Bill Goodling served in Congress for 26 years before retiring. Todd Platts took his place to continue the Republican lineage from York County in the U.S. House. Background posts: LBJ: In small towns, girls are fonder; dinner pails fuller, Is York County part of Alabama? and Strange pairings could help raise funds in York.

In the General Election in 1974, a changing of the guard, of sorts, took place.
Son replaced father in the U.S. House… .

Bill Goodling succeeded George Goodling in the 19th congressional seat.
Neiman Craley held the congressman seat for two years – from 1964-66 – but Bill and George Goodling otherwise represented York County in Congress from 1960-2000.
Then Republican Todd Platts succeeded Bill Goodling and was just re-elected to another term last night. That gave the GOP 50 years in the 19th congressional seat, less two.
Here is a bit more about Bill Goodling from “Never to be Forgotten:”

“The 46-year-old county educator beat Camp Hill attorney Arthur L. Berger by a 5,000-vote margin. Goodling’s slogan is “People Before Politics.” His three-point platform calls for toning down partisan politics and tuning up legislative reform and long-range planning.”

Bill Goodling was part of a class of reform-minded congressmen who entered the House amid the Watergate scandal that ousted Richard M. Nixon.
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