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Cartoonist made York newspaper owner’s views an art form

When voters knocked Republican Congressman Chester Gross from office in 1948, Gazette and Daily’s Walt Partymiller translated the vote into a cartoon. Background posts: York College prof to speak about York’s ‘Voices from the Past’, J.W. Gitt: ‘Just say it … straight out’ and Publishing legend Gitt vocal about nuclear power.

When longtime Gazette and Daily cartoonist Walt Partymiller died a few years ago, eulogists paid proper restrict for the man who everyone in town seemed to know.
One person paying tribute said that Partymiller never said a bad word about anybody.
Now, that’s a tough reputation to bestow on anyone, much less a newspaperman who was full of opinions… .

Partymiller actually did not say a lot about people. But his drawings did. His cartoons translated the views of his strongly boss, J.W. Gitt, into art.
And his drawing of voters throwing Gitt’s political foe Congressman Chester Gross from office in 1948 is Exhibit A in support that Partymiller, indeed, could be critical of people.
For a look at former Gazette and Daily cartoonist Walt Partymiller’s work on election-related editorial cartoons, check out our online gallery.
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