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Zimmerman telegram: 7 York County sons served in World War II

Eight sons of John F. Bennett of Hanover served in World War II. A ninth member of the family entered at war’s end.
All came back.
Charles E. Williams of York was one of six brothers in the Henry H. and Geraldine Williams family to serve in World War II. He died in Italy shortly before V-E Day.
Those were the largest number of siblings to serve in World War II that I found in researching my “In the thick of the fight”. …

York Township’s Richard V. Zimmerman brought by a clipping showing his six brothers who served. And Richard was the seventh, making the family of Lewis and Fanny Zimmerman the second largest I’ve found.
Richard pointed out that Donald, as part of the unit that captured the the bridge at Ramagen, crossed the Rhine to establish a perimeter on its east bank. He was wounded twice.
All the Zimmerman sons survived the war.
The article stated that Lewis Zimmerman received a six-star service lapel pin to observe his sons’ service.
Does anyone know other families with more sibling serving in the military in World War II?
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A newspaper clipping shows six sons of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Zimmerman who served in the military in World War II. A seventh son, Richard V., later served. The Zimmermans were one of the largest contributors to the estimated 20,000 men and women who served in the military from York County in the war. Background posts: The first in (World) War (II) and Perhaps the last in (World) War (II) ….