York Town Square

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Old house boasts all kinds of historic hooks

The John and Christina Schultz house just passed into the hands of preservationists. But there’s another Schultz house within county borders.

Historic York now has the John Schultz house in its capable hands.
A York Daily Record story tells about the house, constructed in 1734, and marks it as the oldest in York County.
Several other points of interest about the house:

— John’s brother, Martin, constructed a stone house in the mid-1730s, too. The house was discovered in the mid-1940s, sitting west of Hallam and south of Route 462.
— Both houses owe their longevity to the stones used in their construction. Wood was more plentiful and easier to use in those days, but the brothers used the more durable product of nature.
— The Monocacy Trail or road ran past the John Schultz house. This was the main east-west route through York County. Indeed, it was the route used by settlers disembarking from ships in Philadelphia and heading west and south to the Shenandoah Valley and North Carolina.
— About 50 years after its construction, the occupants of the Schultz house gained neighbors. Lots of them. And some were clad in red. Camp Security’s stockade was built nearby to detain British prisoners moved from Charlottesville as Cornwallis’ Army advanced fom south to north.