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Olde York Valley Inn confused with historic predecessor

Firefighters contained damage to only a few rooms in the Olde York Valley Inn, which has not operated for about 10 years.

“Fire departments from across the county responded to contain a blaze at the Olde York Valley Inn, a long-closed landmark on East Market Street in Springettsbury Township.”

So began a story in the York Daily Record.

That lodging place might be a landmark, but it’s not to be confused with the original York Valley Inn built in the 1730s several miles west of the motel that burned. It sat in the vicinity of the York Mall, now the Walmart/Sam’s shopping center… .

In fact, congestion along the road, the old Lincoln Highway, and growth in that area caused the original York Valley Inn to be dismantled and relocated.

Part of the old structure now serves as a park office for Susquehanna Memorial Gardens, and explained in the post: Forgotten York Valley Inn may be discovered.

When the newer inn was planned, the developer cast around and came up with a historic name that has caused confusion ever since.

The new building, a sprawling conference center in its day, gradually lost steam as traffic moved from the Lincoln Highway to new Route 30 and newer hotels and conference centers sprung up in Springettsbury.