York Town Square

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Zion View aircraft beacon attracts memories of its mighty light

A former Zion View resident, now living out west, remembered well the flyway beacon light operating in that town until 1970.
The beacon’s presence in that Conewago Township community was described in the recent post Beacon helped spot whereabouts of York County town, drawn from information from a book by Norma Bear Gates.
” … I thought my mom was speaking when Mrs Gates said ‘where the beacon light
is located.’ Mom would say to folks trying to find us ‘turn left off the old
trail at the beacon light, we are the first house on the left.’ …

His bedroom faced the light and it was like day in there even at night.
In a comment on the post, Barb (Rearich) Glick said she lived in the house next to the field where the beacon light was located.
“Zion’s View was a small town and yes, that light really did help people find our town along the Susquehanna Trail,” she wrote.
But here’s another question: Is it Zion View or Zion’s View?
In her two books, Norma Gates goes with Zion View and features on their covers an old road sign saying so.
It was named after the church in town. It’s name? Zions Church, according to the sign.