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Landmark Felton barn: ‘It’s so sad to see such a great piece of architecture fall down’

We last left Felton’s Debbie Lynch looking for preservation aid for her barn.
Well, she’s still looking for counsel.
Adams County has a program to aid owners of historic barns, but she’s come up short so far in York County.
The farmhouse she lives in is more than 150 years old, and she has been told that the
barn is older than the house. The barn is well over 100-feet-long and 60-feet
tall. Two years ago, Debbie and her husband took all of the money that they had saved and put a roof on one side at a cost of more than $6,500.
“This is a bank barn and that was the tall side!” she wrote.
More from Debbie, resident of this southeastern York County community: … .

“We are not asking for something for nothing. We would put some money and
time and muscle into getting our barn back to its great beauty. Mostly the
foundation is in need of repair. Starting to crumble and fall …and there
is a barn at the end of our road, smaller than ours, and it has fallen.
It’s so sad to see such a great piece of architecture fall down.
When my husband and I moved seven years ago from Baltimore, the house needed some repair … but the barn. I just couldn’t get over the barn. I remember talking to my Dad saying, I think we found the property that we’re going to buy, you should see the barn … and he said, how’s the house … it’s ok, but you should see this barn.”

If you have any counsel, contact Debbie at dlynch@tilleychem.com.
I might suggest that she get in touch with Historic York. If any agency in York County knows preservation, it’s those folks.