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Pinterest of a different sort. What about this Katz is King pin? Linked in with neat York County history stuff, June 4, 2012

Neat stuff below:Helb Mansion/Hanover Fire Museum/Bottle cap exhibit/

Eric Lehmayer is one of those wonderful York countians who is interested in – and knowledgeable about – big events and small things from his home county’s past. This time, it’s a small thing, a pin. ‘A co-worker came across this pin and wondered if I knew anything about its history,’ he wrote. ‘Although I’ve been a lifelong Yorker, this predates me by a good 40 years. Thought perhaps your readers would find it interesting and may know about its source.’ So Eric has put forth a challenge to York Town Square readers. Can anyone help? Comment below or contact Eric, elehmayer@high.net. Another York County,Pa., mystery of interest: Is that Elvis in the mural?

Neat stuff from all over … .

Susan Miller emailed with a query about Keystone Brewery, owner Theodore Helb and the Helb Mansion’s carriage house, now home to PACE Resources/Buchart-Horn etc.

I took my best shot at answer:

Helb’s Brewery was in the city, across from Bond Sanitary Products in the 100 block of East King Street. Its former site is now a parking lot. (photos missing.)

– Its owner lived in what is referred to as the Helb Mansion that was sited at the parking lot next to Print-O-Stat at Route 462 and Richland Avenue. (Another parking lot replaced a beautiful structure.)

– Its carriage house is the architecturally significant headquarters for PACE Resources, behind the service station on the southwest corner of that intersection.

When you add all this together, it’s an interesting case study of how the automobile has stressed our wonderful architectural treasures.

That aside, I suggest that Susan contact Gene Schenck, corporate communication director at PACE, who has a good grasp of York County history.

Real York County: In case you missed it, this nuts and bolts company, literally, is a holdover of the type of manufacturers that were seemingly on every corner 60 years ago. Manchester Township’s Military and Commercial Fasteners Corp. is celebrating its 40 birthday.

Telling about firefighting:
The new Hanover Fire Museum is now open to the public.

Pretty amazing: Yorkblog’s Buffy Andrews shows how a modern journalist works in her Buffy’s World post: I used 10 plus social media tools to create, curate and disseminate Key West travel tips, information

Forum of the day, I:Recent counsel to teens as summer approaches: So, you want to become a journalist or a historian? Are you a reader? What is one book (of hopefully many) that you hope to read this summer? Weigh in on YDR Facebook or comment below. (For more on summer reading, check out Yorkblog’s Book Buzz.)

Forum of the day, II: Top exec Joan Mummert asks on the York County Heritage Trust’s blog: “On my office board is this satirical comic extolling the new ‘Museum of Modern American Bottle Caps.’ While hysterically funny, it strikes at the core challenge of museums–audience desires.” So, what do you look for when you visit a museum? Comment on the trust’s blog or below.