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Picturing History: How a Jacobus building changed from selling caskets and everyday furniture to antique accessories

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‘Picturing History,’ YDR.com’s before-and-after, then-and-now series took to the road, to Jacobus, Pa. The topic was the substantial, almost imposing Leader Furniture building that gains even more prominence because it sits on a hill. It’s now known as Grey Beards – and it’s still a seller of furniture (and other collectibles), albeit of the antique variety. The Leader Furniture/Funeral Home combo was among many in small towns around York County. A woodworker would be called upon to make furniture – and caskets. So the combination business was a natural. Today, Grey Beards is also a combo business or actually a business made up of 70 vendors. (Click on the photo above to enlarge). Read more and enjoy the special slider that helps you with the before-and-after effect: Picturing History. Also of interest: When York County undertakers served as furniture sellers … and vice versa.

Other neat stuff from all over … .

Alfred Hopkins, a former reporter for the York Gazette and Daily, 1963 and 1966, has been in touch. He has been living in Argentina for many years and is visiting Lancaster. He’s still writing.

“I have a blog in Spanish and English, dedicated mostly to theater and the arts but also to interviews and current events,” he wrote.

I wrote back: “I’ve known quite a few journos from the 1960 and the Gazette and Daily over the years. Most recently, I crossed paths with Carol Innerst.

“The staffer who I’ve spent most time with was Mary Hamilton, who wrote an interesting book on Mr. Gitt.”

J.W. Gitt owned The Gazette and Daily, forerunner of the York Daily Record. We’re looking forward to a York County visit from Alfred Hopkins.


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