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Reader searching for York Boys Club Pool photo


YMCA of York members throw beach balls into the old Farquhar Park Pool for the last time in September 2007. Demolition of the old pool is now complete. A sketch of its replacement, the Graham Aquatic Center, is below. Background post: Good grief, how long has that pool been there?

The Boys Club Pool, more recently called the Farquhar Park Pool, is no more – giving way to a new indoor/outdoor pool complex.
But a former Yorker, now living in the Downingtown area and with family members still here, is looking for a picture of the pool of old.
Here’s Jill Ruth’s request:

Well, here’s an image of the old pool.

I am seeking help in finding a picture of the Old Boys Club Pool from the 1970’s. The pool had the American Flag and the island in the deep end. I would be willing to purchase the photo, I just can’t seem to locate anyone with access to one. It is for a Christmas past gift for my sisters. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciate it!

Jill’s e-mail address is tarjar@bee.net. Or comment below.


A rendering of the new Graham Aquatic Center.