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Pennsylvania is where these bodies are buried, II: Linked in to York County history, Oct. 18, 2012

More stuff, below: Benjamin Henry Latrobe/Mega art exhibit/Earthquake in York County?

The Joes are back. Joe Farrell and Joe Farley have authored a second volume of ‘Keystone Tombstones.’ And as in their first book, they visited York County cemeteries. Joe Farrell gave a quick summary of their Sunbury Press publication in an email: ‘Many of local interest including a chapter on Philip Livingston, buried at Prospect Hill, that includes a discussion of the Soldiers Circle, the five anonymous Confederates buried in one grave and Neil Roberts… . We also mention a few York watering holes we found on our journey.’  His description points two interesting niches that the authors work when you add in the watering hole piece. Their website reinforces this: ‘Joe Farrell and Joe Farley explore the cemeteries (and pubs) of Pennsylvania in search of interesting graves and stories about the interred. ‘  For details, about Vol. 2, check out Tombstone’s site. (It’s no cemetery.) For more, see what Book Buzz blog says about Vol. 2. Also of interest: Keystone Tombstones, Vol. I: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is where these bodies are buried.

Neat stuff from all over … .

A large arts exhibit, featuring the work of 35 artists, in a historic home on 900 S. George St. in York has been held over through this weekend.

Artist Rob Evans called attention to the show, as described in a flier:

‘Due to extremely positive reviews last weekend, ‘Preservation and The Arts’ exhibition now at 900 South George Street has been held over for an additional weekend thanks to the generosity of York Preservation Partners and the participating member artists of the Pennsylvania Arts Experience.  This will surely be your last opportunity to see what is probably the largest exhibition of work by area artists ever mounted in York County.

‘Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see why “creativity unleashed” is a fitting slogan for York!’

Not sure how one could ever know if it’s the largest exhibition ever in this area, but this a prime opportunity for art lovers.

For details, see: Pennsylvania Arts Experience.

Blog post of the day: Yorkblogger June Lloyd writes about mapmaker Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s York County connection.

Look and listen: YDR’s oral history series has been going for several years. It’s a multi-media treasure of information and memories where you can lose yourself for hours. Take a look – and listen: http://www.ydr.com/remember.

Forum of the day: So some people felt something over the weekend in the Newberrytown/Etters area: https://yorkblog.com/fixyorkcounty/2012/10/17/what-were-those-rumbles-saturday-in-northern-york-county/. Anything you can report? Background: Bona Fide Earthquake rattled York County In 1889