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York County Pearl Harbor survivor: ‘We need to prevent attacks of that nature’


Francis Brandstedter was the only Pearl Harbor survivor to attend the recent annual breakfast in York observing contributions of vets who fought at this initial World War II battle and The Battle of the Bulge. Background posts: American War Mothers monument captures attention and USO column attracts memories.

At a recent Pearl Harbor anniversary observance, survivor Francis Brandstetter recalled the Japanese attack that Sunday morning in late 1941.
“At first we thought it might be the Navy holding maneuvers because Hickam Field was right next door to Pearl Harbor,” he said. “But we soon found out it was the real thing.” …

His barracks were under attack. A bomb slammed through the roof and exploded on the second floor.
The Army Air Corps private lay in an open field and escaped injury.
Years later at the ceremony, he offered counsel:
“I’m honored that they want to honor me,” the 86-year-old retired Air Force major said at the ceremony Friday. “But we must hope – alert people – that we need to prevent attacks of that nature – surprise attacks.”
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(Source: York Daily Record, 12/8/07)