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York County, Pa., reader does detective work on The Gazette and Daily’s Boys and Girls newspaper

York, Pa.-area resident Paul Neiman received this birthday card on his 9th birthday, in December 1939. Also of interest: York County newspaper gets new wardrobe, some nips and tucks and 1874 York Daily: Is it worth anything? and Newspaper’s founding date hard to pin down.

A few weeks back, J. Davis searched for information on The Gazette and Daily’s Boys and Girls newspaper.
After posting his query on this blog, we published it in the York (Pa.) Daily Record/Sunday News.
Dover Township’s Paul Neiman came up with an answer to that question… .

Paul Neiman also provided this copy of his grandmother’s funeral expenses, courtesy of Glen Rock’s Geiple Funeral Home in 1939. Notice that Geiple’s was one of the combination funeral homes/furniture stores/furniture makers that dotted York County’s small towns for decades. Diehl’s in Mount Wolf was the last such combo to operate until the late 1990s when the furniture side of the business closed. Diehl’s funeral home operates there today. Paul Neiman recalls seeing a bill for a funeral in recent years that came to more than 6,000.
He remembers it as a single page in the Gazette and Daily.
It was filled with information about young people.
In fact, someone sent in his birthday for publication, and he received a postcard from the newspaper celebrating his 9th birthday on Dec. 8, 1939. The newspaper kept track of such birthdays and sent out a card to help celebrate the big day.
Paul has kept the card all these years – he’ll soon be 80 – and produced it to solve the question posed by reader Davis.
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