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Part III: Transportation-oriented Emigsville a walkable York-area community with lots of community

The Emigsville Band spreads Christmas cheer around the Manchester Township village of  Emigsville. Its house-to-house performance is an annual rite of the holiday season. (See additional York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photo below.)  Also of interest: Part I:  Transportation-oriented Emigsville … and Part II: Transportation-oriented Emigsville … .

Many times, Yorktownsquare.com has featured Emigsville as a community with a healthy sense of community.

That’s evidenced by the fact the Emigsville Band, a vestige of the community bands that entertained villages and boroughs around York County 60 or more years ago, still performs. (The Brodbecks Band, Red Lion-Felton Band and Hanover Lyric Band are three  other examples of such bands.)

And the band has kept up the custom of  playing on Christmas mornings, strolling around town in celebration of the holiday.

So York has its musical factory whistle and Glen Rock its carolers, and Emigsville has its band.

On New Year’s Eve, York has its White Rose, Red Lion its cigar, Hallam its Shoe House (not this year, though) and Dillsburg its pickle.

All these events create community within communities.


-Did we miss any York County rites of the season? Comment below. Here are more stories and photos about those in Dillsburg, Red Lion and others already named.

-And for a stories and additional photographs and a video about the Emigsville Band’s  2011 holiday performance, visit: “In Emigsville, a Christmas band tradition continues.”

-Visit the community’s website: www.emigsville.org.

Arlene Krout comes outside as the Emigsville Band plays on. The band typically plays on Christmas morning, but this year performed on Saturday to not interrupt church services.

 *Edited, 12/31/11.