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Part III: Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts: ‘In this simple grave … lies a national hero’

This 2006 photograph from the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News archives shows the observances in which the body of Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts was laid rest at Prospect Hill Cemetery. He died in Afghanistan at the hands of al-Qaida on a mountain now known as Robert’s Ridge. He was the first of more than 25 fighting men with York County ties to die in the Global War on Terrorism. Also of interest: Part I: Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts: ‘In this simple grave … lies a national hero’ and Part II: Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts … and Photographs of those who died in the Global War on Terrorism..
Neil C. Roberts was the first fighting man with York County ties who died in fighting in the Global War on Terrorism in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001.
He was a Navy Seal, who died alone on a hilltop in Afghanistan. (Read his story here.)
Now the leader of the pack of terrorists responsible for 9/11 is dead.
The Associated Press reported:

“A small team of Navy SEALS killed bin Laden in a firefight Sunday at a compound in Pakistan … .”

A Navy Seal from York County dies a hero’s death fighting terrorists. Nine years later, his teammates – a unit of Navy Seals – takes out the lead terrorist.
That’s about right.
Here are some York County ties to the Global War on Terrorism:

A map detailing the wars’ fallen with York County connections..
World Trade Center I-beam at York’s Prospect Hill Cemetery: ‘Last week we had a young firefighter from Juniata … here to see it’.
Maj. Gen. David F. Wherley Jr. assumed major role in guarding post-9/11 D.C..
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