York Town Square

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Part II: York countians are proud of the York Fair, and there’s a lot to be proud about


No, this 734-pound pumpkin, left, was not the largest in York Fair history. A fair spokesman recalled that one weighed in the upper 800 pound to lower 900 pound range. Such big pumpkins don’t become giants by chance. “A lot of TLC,” the spokesman said. And too much water in pursuit of size may cause a pumpkin to split. Also of interest: York County Agricultural Society governs the York Fair. But who are those guys? and Part I: York countians are proud of the York Fair.

When you’ve been around since 1765, you make a lot of history.

The York Fair, underway through Sunday, is celebrating the 246th anniversary of its founding. (That’s far from continuous though.) Start making the cake now for its gala 250th.

And here’s a sampling of some of that history:

Teddy Roosevelt at the York Fair: ‘I know York county farmers are prosperous. Their barns are bigger than their houses’.
This York Fair mural is fading from sight .
Good old days at the York Fair were at least old.
JFK received grand applause at York Fair visit.
Young curators produce York Fair exhibit: ‘A Fair of Our Own’.
All’s Fair blog gives all kinds of insight about York Fair.
Both Yanks, Rebs camped at old York Fairgrounds.
‘The lower she sank in her chair’.

And here’s a popular post: Which acts played the York Fair the year you were born?

*Photo courtesy York Daily Record/Sunday News