York Town Square

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Part II: Using York County history to create community embodies a modern trend

This is the rear of the former Hake distillery property near Emigsville, site of today’s Preserving York Fundraising Picnic.  Here’s what I wrote about the picnic in the York Sunday News: “When people start congregating at noon today near Emigsville for the Preserving York picnic, York County will see a virtual community transform into an actual community. Blake Stough’s Preserving York usually resides on web and Facebook sites, but today its fans and followers and friends will congregate at the former Hake distillery property for a fundraising picnic. No reservations are necessary. Details at – where else? – Preservingyork.com. The picnic, to end at 5 p.m., will raise funds for Friends of Camp Security and The Farm & Natural Lands Trust of York County. Now, those groups, too, have been effective in preserving York. Virtually and actually.” Walk-ins are welcome. Also of interest: To see a photos of the front and side of the mansion, check out: Part I: Using York County history to create community embodies a modern trend.

Blake Stough of Preservingyork.com an the PY Facebook group was asked by the YDR on FB: “What’s your favorite historical place in York County?”

Blake, organizer of today’s picnic, came back with:

“My answers were short and sweet but I’ll offer more detail here (and a few additions/omissions) in no particular order. These were mostly places I visited and wrote about… .”

Here’s his edited list:

“Transformer building from former trolley lines of York County. There are two that I know of: one just outside of Hanover in Heidelberg Township and another just outside of Spring Grove in North Codorus Township.”
“Former Zion Lutheran Church in York city. Naturally this would make the list since the tombstones of my 5th great-grandparents are in a crawlspace under the church. I’d like to visit them again since it’s been many years since I’ve been there. I always wanted to wear a camera with a live feed featured on the internet. (A guy can dream, can’t he?)
“The former State/Hanover Theater is another interesting place with some interesting history connected to the Appell family.
“ANY forgotten, neglected, or abandoned cemetery in the county. It’s a shame that many of these have fallen into a state of disrepair but I’m always happy to help with a clean-up project. There are two I need to visit that may be threatened: one in Shrewsbury in a field and another near Saginaw next to an abandoned quarry. This one contains a Revolutionary War veteran who served at Camp Security.
Vintage signage/painted signage in the county. These offer a great look into the past which is brought together by the history of their existence. Too often these signs fade away due to age and the weather.

“The places that come to MY mind aren’t your typical tourist attractions but are still important parts of our past. Naturally, Emig Mansion and Hake’s Distillery are high on the list but I thought a few other places would be appropriate to mention.

There are many others I still want to look into, including the homes that were razed after Indian Rock Dam was built. I’ve tracked them down and just need to visit.”

I plan to use Blake’s five places as the foundation for a short presentations I’m making today at the picnic.

*Photo courtesy of Preservingyork.com