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Part II: 275th anniversary celebration of York, Pa.’s founding isn’t sexy but could be effective

York, Pa., celebrated a grand 250th anniversary in 1991. Now, its 275th anniversary is looming. The committee planning York’s 250th commissioned local historian Jim Rudisill to write ‘York Since 1741,’ an fact-filled read, though now out of print. Perhaps it could be reprinted for the 275th. The title would still work. York County artist/historian Jim Rudisill: “History is really ‘His Story,’ the story of people… “ and Pittsburgh, Pa., has The Warhol. Can York, Pa., secure The Jeff Koons? and Check out this summer reading list covering works about York County’s history and culture .

A part of my York Sunday News column (5/15/11) about history and current York-area events … .:
Some weeks ago, the newspaper floated the idea of a celebration to mark the 275th anniversary of the founding of York in 2016.
That suggestion came after filmmaker and Pittsburgh booster Carl Kurlander told leaders how his home city tactically shaped its renaissance around an anniversary… .

Five years passes fast.
City leaders should put a 275th anniversary of the city out there as a destination to head toward as a piece of its renaissance.
Only a handful of cities in Pennsylvania can look forward to a cake lit with 275 candles.
One of the products of the 250th anniversary in 1991 was Jim Rudisill’s richly illustrated book “York Since 1741.”
Here’s just one excerpt – the book’s beginning – from this rich repository:

“In October of 1741 by special order of Thomas and Richard Penn, Proprietaries of the colony, that tract East of the Codorus, where crossed by the Monocacy Trail, was laid out in squares by Thomas Cookson, deputy surveyor of Lancaster County. Twenty-three lots were taken up in November 1741. Baltzer Spengler, who with Ulrich Whissler, had gone two years previous in 1739 to Philadelphia seeking permission from William Penn’s sons to establish a town on the banks of the Codorus.”

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Part I: 275th anniversary celebration of York, Pa.’s founding isn’t a sexy number but may be effective

The backcover of ‘York Since 1741’ shows the gazebo/bandstand at Farquhar Park in Northwest York. The book is available via at York County libraries.
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