York Town Square

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One weekend: Two new books on noted York County artists and their art unveiled

Cliff Satterthwaite is seen with some of his paintings displayed at the Colonial Courthouse recently. The event provided the introduction of a book of York scenes titled ‘Cliff Satterthwaite, York, Pennsylvania.’ Also of interest: Check out scores of Satterthwaite drawings and paintings.



One weekend.

Two events marking colorful new books showing the works of two York, Pa., artists.

Last Saturday, the public came out to the Colonial Courthouse to see an exhibit of Cliff Satterthwaite’s art detailing York County scenes. His thick, new book, unveiled there, showed even more local scenes.

The next day, ‘Lewis Miller’s People’ was unveiled at the York County Heritage Trust.

York County is blessed to have been documented for the first three quarters of the 19th century by Miller and for about three decades in the last half of the 20th century by Satterthwaite.

York’s art community, in the middle of a growth spurt, have two masters here to draw from.

Actually, make that three.

That same weekend, a second opening of York County artist Rob Evans exhibit “Mystery and Metaphor” took place at the Reading Public Museum.
‘Cliff Satterthwaite, York Pennsylvania’ is available from the artist for $49.95.


‘Lewis Miller’s People’ is available at the York County Heritage Trust for $49.95.




A day or two after Cliff Satterthwaite’s Nov. 15 exhibit, the Fredericksburg, Va., artist emailed this image of Paint Nite, an event that followed at the Colonial Courthouse. He provided this description, with his familiar reference to himself in the third person: “… the girls, and one gentleman paint the flag”! . .for “articles of confederation” day ..after Cliff’s show.” He’s already started on local art for his next book.