York Town Square

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One photograph teaches lesson about change in York County: Linked in with neat York County history stuff, May 18, 2012

More stuff below: Refreshing West Market Street/102-year-old WW II vet/Booking signing

This photograph at a northern York County Interstate 83 interchange is packed with meaning. That’s a former one-room school in the background, signifying a different time, a time many people say was simpler and desirable. And the array of signs shows the complexity and confusion of today, a world full of competing options.  Some people want to go back to the one-room school days – literally and figuratively. But the world has changed, and those one-room school lessons wouldn’t cover, in the main, the demands of that world. The return to basic education theme is again in York County’s public square as school districts are struggling to balance budgets which contain many non-basic items. Interestingly, the Interstate went through in the 1950s, the same time those 300 one-room schools around York County were closing as new consolidated schools went up. A York Daily Record/Sunday News series tells an array of these stories from the areas off of the Interstate. Check out: Exit Interviews. Also of interest: York County one-room schools a graduate thesis waiting to happen.

Neat stuff from all over …

York countian Stephen H. Smith always sends along insightful emails.

The other day, he gave a brief history of the unknown Confederate soldier’s grave site along the Susquehanna River in comments on this post: The story of two missing York County grave markers.

Now he has sent along a photograph of a temporary grave marker for the site, along River Road west of Accomac:

We appreciate Stephen’s field work of this grave site, in the news recently after Tropical Storm Lee washed away its headstone.

On the record:
More details on Consultant Frank Dittenhafer’s plans for refreshing West Market Street in York – losing those Bradford pear trees and adding parking – are outlined over at York City Limits blog.

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