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Old York City Market: ‘It was a real treat for me to walk to market with Grandma’

Earlier this decade, work on the old Hudson car dealership at 610 S. George St. had progressed so that the newly stained brick on the building’s right, or north side, stood out compared to its yet-to-be-completed front. At one time, the former car dealership also served as a farmers market, specifically a replacement for the old York City Market after it was demolished. Background posts: ‘I still have my memories … of the bustling downtown York business district’ and Often forgotten: Achievements of people named on building facades and Susan Byrnes: Putting a health passion into action.

E-mailer JoAnne Everhart (jeverhart1@comcast.net) was in elementary school when the York City Market house was demolished in the 1960s.
But she remembers it well to this day.
Here is her excerpted story about the grand market building with its enormous tower: … .

Junior Achievement’s BizTown operates today in the old Hudson Building on South George Street. See related post: York’s old Hudson – new Exchange City building sparks memories.

“My Grandma and Grandpa Everhart resided on S. George St., and were frequent shoppers on Saturday mornings at the City Market House. It was a real treat for me to walk to market with Grandma. On the way home she stopped at Fischer’s Meat Market, and Gems Bakery, both of which were located in the 300 block of S. George St.
“When I accompanied grandpa to market, he drove his car.
“On each trip I made to market with my Grandpa Everhart, I was reminded that his uncle, Charles Everhart (a York pharmacist), had once owned and operated a pharmacy on the southwest corner of Duke St. and Princess St., directly across from the market.
“After Charles Everhart died, grandpa’s cousin, Luther Spangler, took over the pharmacy business. By the time I was born, Luther Spangler had moved the pharmacy to a location at the southwest corner of S. George St. and W. South St.
“Following the demolition of the Old City Market Building on S. Duke St., a farmer’s market was opened on the 600 block of S. George St., near S. Boundary Ave. The building used to house the new market was formerly occupied by a Nash Automobile Agency in the 1930’s and a Food Fair Store in the 1940’s and 1950’s.
“Unfortunately the New City Market did not enjoy the success of the Old City Market at the Duke St. location. Business was poor. Vendors were in short supply. It closed only a few short years after it opened, The building that housed the New City Market is still standing. It has had several occupants since the closing of the market in the late 1960.”

Today, the renovated structure houses Junior Achievement’s BizTown, formerly Exchange City, and helps form a campus of Crispus Attucks Community Center, the Loretta Claiborne Building, Greenway Tech Center, Susan Byrnes Health Center and other renovated buildings.
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Check out more photos of the former Hudson dealership on this site: Roadside Architecture.com. Also, a bit more about Hudson and Nash auto companies.