York Town Square

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Obscure York hallway features famous newspaper front pages: Linked in to history, Dec. 6, 2012

The YDR’s Mark Walters blogged over at YDR Insider about famous front pages that line a hallway at York Newspaper Company. Mark’s comment: ‘If you lived in York during 2001, you have to remember this mess.’ He was referring to York’s race riot trials. The hallway is deep within the YNC’s 1891 Loucks Road building. (See additional photograph below.) If someone would like a tour to see these famous front pages, just email: jem@ydr.com. Meanwhile, make sure you read Mark’s piece of the hall. Also of interest: York newspaper endorsement of Ronald Reagan represented break with support of Dems.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Seth Fosmire commented on this yorktownsquare.com post: Der Belsnickel of the Pennsylvania Dutch: ‘He looked scary and carried a sack of presents’

“I am a native of Western Pennsylvania but had never heard of Belsnickel until last year when we visited friends originally from St. Marys, PA. We visited over the weekend of December 6th. Our friend told our two young boys that, if they left their shoes outside their bedroom door, Belsnickel would fill them with treats (providing, of course, that they were good and stayed in bed all night!). My sons are 3 and 4 years old and we plan on keeping this version of a tradition every December 6th. They have been asking me about Belsnickel and your article gave me plenty to share with them.”

And Kathleen Valentine replied:

“I grew up in St. Marys, PA and we always had Belsnickel on December 5th. Sometimes he was a real person who came to our houses and sometimes we just put our shoes outside the door. My grandmother said that when she was a child they were terrified of Belsnickel but our Belsnikel was always nice. The tradition is still carried on in St. Marys.” She provided the following: The Reluctant Belsnickel of Opelt’s Wood.

First Friday:
York County-based artist Rob Evans will display his work in studio space at Marketview Arts, 37 E. Philadelphia St., York. His First Friday showing is set from 5-9 p.m. For details about Rob’s art, check out his website: Rob Evans.

First Friday II:
Reminder about architectural historian Scott Butcher’s “Pre-book Release Party,” at First Friday. Details: Book Buzz.

Forum of the day: Going through a Twinkies withdrawal since Hostess pulled the plug? Well, this Frederick, Md., family has a cache of Twinkies. Do you miss Twinkies or are you glad that particular temptation has passed? Please comment below. Background and comment: Twinkies might or might not be gone, but a slightly heavier-on-the-stomach delicacy will always be with us – Fastnachts.

Mark’s caption: ‘Historic headlines evoke the question: “Where were you when …? ” I’ll never forget what I was doing when JFK Jr.’s plane crashed over the Atlantic in mid-July of 1999. I was en route to North Carolina for a family vacation at the Outer Banks.’