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When motorcyclists wore skirts: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Nov. 3, 2009

Amy Staub submitted this photograph for publication in the new book Capture York. It shows her grandfather, Franklin Armold, and his wife, Lillian while out for a motorcycle ride in the 1920s. Also of interest: Washington Township, Jefferson Borough, Madison Avenue. How about an Obama Street in York County? and Yo, Yoe never was Yohe.

Years ago, Sam Snyder, Yoe borough council president, garnered a box of letters at a York County auction.
The writer?
Chester Alan Arthur.
That turned out to be Chester A. Arthur, future president of the United States… .

Amy Staub’s grandfather rode with this group in the 1920s, in this photograph, also from Capture York.
The York Daily Record/York Sunday News (11/3/09) reported on the finding, telling what it means to a New York museum. (If President Arthur visited York County, it has not yet been documented.) Read Auction find has presidential power.
– York Town Square readers know this blog tracks those with local roots who make their mark nationally. The idea is that journalism tells about their accomplishments today, and history may remember them in the future. To find those who have achieved in filmmaking, visit http://www.imdb.com/BornWhere?York,%20Pennsylvania,%20USA. Just change the name of the town to Hanover etc. to sharpen the search.
Mayor John Fetterman is trying to reinvent Braddock, Pa. He’s also from York County. Atlantic magazine has recognized him as one of its Brave Thinkers.
Fellow blogger and York Sunday News columnist June Lloyd always does a thorough piece on anything she writes about. Check out her short history of local canneries at York County Canneries Go Back a Long Way .
– Forum pick: To share and receive info about former Yorker and unsung World Series slugger Vic Wertz, visit: The Exchange.
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