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Flags of our Fathers – Linked in with neat York County history stuff – July 23, 2011

This photograph, complete with reflections from windows, shows one of 11 flags that can be found inside York, Pa.’s, Colonial Courthouse. Elizabeth L. Rauhauser Stein, whose family has been associated with the courthouse replica before, during and after its construction in 1976, wrote that 10 of these flags were hand made by members of the Women’s Club in York for York’s Bicentennial Celebration. (See list below.)The 11th, shown here, is a large flag that is on display inside the Colonial Courthouse. Betty Stein wrote: “The story as I remember it is that in the early 80’s, my father, John Rauhauser, received a phone call. The person on the other end of the phone told him they had found an old flag with 13 stars in his grandparents’ attic and wanted to know if it was worth anything and if the Bicentennial Commission would be interested in obtaining/displaying the flag. Supposedly, the flag had flown at the Battle of Saratoga and later over Commander in Chief George Washington’s Headquarters. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the person who called him. Since the story was passed down through generations I don’t know if it can officially be confirmed, but it is a good story and one that is shared with visitors to the Colonial Courthouse. It is a beautiful, historic flag we are proud to display and share with the community.” Also of interest: Don’t know much about York County history? Part I, ‘The Commons’ plays host to wonderful vintage photos and When did York’s square change from Centre to Continental?

Neat stuff from all over … .
“I’m looking for a one-stop “Fun Facts About York” type Web site. Any suggestions?” an elected official in York County wrote.
He was preparing for an upcoming conference and wanted to inform, and entertain, the visitors… .

I responded that my blog has a category: Quizzes and fun facts.
Many of the posts are framed in the form of questions.
That category also has many quizzes; for example, 20 questions to prove your York Smarts.
I told him I hope that gives him material for his pitch.
Story of note: The York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News catches up
with a World War II vet. Interest around York County in 20th-century wars is high today thanks to the York County Heritage Trust’s Front Porch to Front Lines exhibit.
Story of note, II – A skull, thought to be that of a Japanese airman, is found at Pearl Harbor.
Flagmakers: The names of the women who handmade each flag in the Colonial Courthouse: Grand Union Flag – Mrs. Charles Krebs; Serapis Flag – also known as the Franklin Flag or Texel Flag – Mrs. Leroy G. Cooper; Bunker Hill Flag – Mrs. Donald Wolf; Bennington Flag – Mrs. Roland R. Spangler; First Pennsylvania Regiment Flag – Mrs. William H. Kain; First Navy Stars & Stripes Flag – Mrs. Neal P. Stauffer; The Star Spangled Banner – Mrs. Ernest E. Neiman; Washington’s Cruisers or Appeal To Heaven Flag – Mrs. Keanneard Steigelman; Gadsden or Don’t Tread on Me Flag – Mrs. Dean Barber; Betsy Ross Flag – Mrs. John F. Rauhauser, Jr.

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