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Glen Rock mural adds to interesting sights awaiting York County, Pa., rail trail users

Baltimore-based artist Marshall Adams painted this mural showing Glen Rock, Pa.’s railroad history. The Northern Central Railrway, connecting York and Baltimore in 1838, ran smack through this southern York County borough. The mural appears on a building that replaced the train station. Pictured here, from left, Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society members Roger Butz and John ‘Otts’ Hufnagel; Marshall Adams; and Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society member Terry McFatridge. Also of interest: Christmas in June? Yes, that’s part of 150th events in southern York County’s Glen Rock and Museum goer: ‘I really like these old pictures of Glen Rock’ and Parade Music Prince Roland Seitz: From Shrewsbury Township -Glen Rock to Friday Night Lights and Mystery of Glen Rock-area’s Narrow Gauge Road deepens.

Users of the main branch of York County’s rail trail are now treated to at least a third large-scale mural along its 20-mile path in York County.
A mural showing, appropriately enough, Glen Rock’s railroad station now appears on the side of a building facing the trail, which follows the path of the old Northern Central Railroad and its successors… .

Rail trail users also can view a mural of the Charles G. Summers Jr. Canning Factory in New Freedom, south of Glen Rock. And the Articles of Confederation mural, part of the Murals of York, appears on the side of a building visible at the trail’s northern terminus in York. (Indeed, if trail users know where to look, other Murals of York can be spotted at a distance.)
In York, rail trail users also can stop and take in other examples of public art along the way: sculptor Lorann Jacobs’ “Pal, the War Dog,” and her Korean War monument are two examples of such public art.
Here is an excerpted story about Glen Rock’s new mural from the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News (10/5/10):

The railroad came to Glen Rock in 1838, bringing with it growth and prosperity. It is appropriate that members of the Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society decided to make the railroad the theme of a new mural on the building where the train station once stood.
The mural, was painted by artist Marshall Adams, 27, who recently completed a mural at the corner of 22nd and Calvert streets in Baltimore.
“I’ve been painting murals for five years. It is something I always wanted to do. I did my first mural for a book store, for a children’s corner. I bid on it and I got it,” he said.
Preservation society members Roger Butz, John “Otts” Hufnagel and Terry McFatridge, came up with the idea to illustrate the way the site appeared more than 150 years ago.
Adams brought it all to life with bright, vivid colors featuring a train engine puffing black smoke, the train station, a red brick building that once housed a clothing store and another building that was home to a carriage factory. The two lower corners feature the original buildings that were once located along the tracks, done in sepia shades to look like their old photos.
“We wanted to do the old train station and include what it looked like along the tracks, and it all seemed to fit,” preservation society member Roger Butz said.
The train station stood on the site from 1856 until 1961, when it was torn down to make way for a service station. The trains delivered and picked up mail and gave farmers a way to ship produce and livestock.

– To see another view of the Glen Rock mural, visit Adams website: http://marshalladams.com/newmurals.
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