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Move over, Desperate Housewives

So, a re-run of “Desperate Housewives” caused people to channel surf in great numbers Sunday night.

What did, oh, about half the world — well, half of Central Pennsylvania — see on their TV? Yes, that was me on Pennsylvania Cable Network’s “PA Books,” speaking about my newest book “In The Thick of the Fight, York County, Pa., Counters Axis Threat in WWII.”
I’ve heard lots of parodies so far of my performance on the wrong end of an interview.
The show http://www.pcntv.com/ — if not last night’s guest — is always a well-done 60-minute profile of a state author’s work.
Brian Lockman has the desirable — but difficult — job of reading a book a week to gather questions to pose to his guests.
He has the Post-It notes throughout to prove he’s digested the material.
But PCN has done so much good work on World War II that Brian probably could have skimmed “In the Thick‿ and still pulled off the interview.
PCN, through Stackpole Books, has put together a wonderful book, “World War II: In Their Own Words, an Oral History of Pennsylvania’s Veterans.” (The book contains the reminiscences of at least one York County veteran — Murray Friedman.)
I’ve been on “PA Books” once before, after “Nine Months in York Town‿ came out.
So I thought I was ready for Brian’s early rapid-fire questions. As soon as he got the green light, he fired away. I stumbled out of the gate and not sure I ever recovered.
But I hope the over-arching theme came through: York County paid a considerable price in World War II — including 571 dead — so that we have the freedoms we enjoy today.