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New Mount Wolf, Pa., book, CD play on theme: ‘A small town in a wider world’

Mount Wolf, Pa., history has been compiled into a new book and DVD in conjunction with the borough’s 100th anniversary this year. The book contains 80 pages from the 1977 book that was written by Brad Rentzel of Mount Wolf, with an additional 40 pages on recent events. “It includes articles written by people who live, work and worship in Mount Wolf,” Centennial Committee member Charles Stambaugh wrote. Claire Good Jordan designed to cover. (See photo of CD cover below.) Also of interest: Funeral home/museum attracts hundreds to Mount Wolf centennial and Mount Wolf’s Centennial Summer calls for 3-month party in that northeastern York County town and York’s Wolf Organization builds from deep foundation.

In my 1999 history “Never to be Forgotten,” I listed Brad Rentzel’s “A History of Mount Wolf” as one of the best town histories available in York County.
Now the history has been updated with 100th anniversary events folded in.
So, the history has such neat information as the naming of alleys in this centennial borough. The alley between Front Street and Main Street is named, not surprisingly, Wolf Alley… .

The DVD contains 100 years of Mount Wolf history and recent centennial events. It was professionally produced by Anna Mae Wagner of Mount Wolf.
Tiger, Elk, Seal, Bear, Lion, Moose, Leopard and Locust (to switch to insects) follow.
And a neat feature about Wib Eisenhower’s house, now owned by Blaine Rentzel, on the southeast corner of Maple and Third?
It was purchased through Sears and Roebuck Co., 100 years ago.
“Sold as a package home, or pre-fab, it was sent by railcar and then assembled on site,” the history states.
The book ends with a bit of philosophy that reinforces the centennial theme – “A small town in a wider world” – and should intrigue readers next centennial.

As this book goes to press, the Mount Wolves are in second place in the Central League, just a few games behind Glen Rock, whose own community is celebrating their 150th Anniversary. As this book goes to press, our nation’s gulf coast is being devastated by the smear of oil from an offshore drilling disaster. As this book goes to press, an old stately farm house is being bulldozed to make room for yet another housing development. As this book goes to press, the wider community of the town of Mount Wolf prepares to celebrate its gift of place, and time, and people – a small town in a wider world.”

To purchase:
For more information on the book and CD, visit: http://www.mtwolfborough.com/History.html
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